Personal Experiences


(January 2008 ⇒ December 2015)

Earth-iconForummando was a technology forum created by me and my brother Antonio Macaluso in 2008. The aim of this forum was to give assistance to people which get in trouble with technological devices with guides and remote assistance. We developed our idea in a free domain, but after some time we decided to buy a .it domain. In December 2015 we decided to close the project because of our new commitments.
This site is really important for us, because it is our first collaboration over the internet. Closing this site was a really sad moment.

Here it is a snapshot of Forummando (thanks to WebArchive) : External Link

(January 2012 ⇒ Now)


Picopod is my and my brother second project. It is a website which aim is to store an archive of chords created by my brother Antonio.

Here it is the link : Ext
ernal Link

Personal Experience

I worked for family friends as computer technician and Assistant for old people. I’m able to:

• Assemble and repair Personal Computers
• Solve Hardware and Software problems
• OS and Software installation
• General Maintenance for every devices